For the past 6 weeks, the Ari Arteaga Foundation and many others have been working with three homeless 19-year-old teens. These young men were homeless for approximately two years. Bouncing around from couch to couch or sleeping in cars many nights.

We began our journey together by assisting these teens in completing a GED application, a college application, and a vocational school application. One of the young men was accepted to an excellent vocation school, he would have commenced his studies at the end of April. The other young man was scheduled to take his GED this past March and the third young man was in the process of compiling necessary paperwork his FIU application.

We also assisted the three young men with completing employment applications and prepared them for the interview process. Including fresh haircuts, clothing (donated by many of our volunteers) and temporary hotel accommodations as we worked to find them permanent housing. I am very proud to say that all three received offers of employment.

Nevertheless, all plans came to a screeching halt due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Our direction took a sharp turn as these young men were no longer able to work as their employers had to close their businesses. The scheduled GED was cancelled until further notice, the vocational school program and the FIU application have also been postponed. These three young men found themselves hopeless again; however, in this moment of darkness, we were able to secure permanent housing for the three. The Ari Arteaga Foundation together with the Lucas Alvarez LA6 Foundation will be supporting them through these very unstable times to provide a stable and safe environment, a place to call home. Living in a car is not an option as no one should have to live that way. Many in our community have donated essentials for a home – kitchen and bathroom essentials, furniture, mattresses, bed linens, food, and gift cards to provide meals and toiletries.

Furthermore, the Ari Arteaga Foundation together with FL Academy @FLAcademy10340 are assisting in providing food and daily meals to over 150 individuals in south Miami Dade. Many of these people consist of our community’s service industry whom have been displaced by the Coronavirus pandemic.

We will continue to provide support for our community during this uncertain time. We ask that you please continue to help SHINE LIGHT for others in need by purchasing gift cards, food, prepared meals. Or give a monetary donation now.DONATE

DM us for drop supply drop off locations as they vary day to day.

Thank you.