UpComing Events

We are eternally grateful for your generous support in keeping Ari’s light shining bright as we help others. We extend our utmost appreciation to the community for supporting the Ari Arteaga Foundation events, as this has enabled our organization to directly help those in need of compassion and financial support. God is good.

Through the tragedy of Ari’s passing on July 28, 2018, we have found comfort and purpose in establishing the Ari Arteaga Foundation. This foundation is a labor of love, honoring Ari and keeping his light and legacy alive as a beacon of hope for those living through unforeseen hardships. These Ari Arteaga Foundation events help to keep his legacy alive and strong.

We marvel at the continuous support received from the community as together we continue to grow the Ari Arteaga Foundation – BE THE LIGHT®. It takes a village!


Check back soon for upcoming fundraisers!

Community Service Events

Check back soon for upcoming community service events!


Check back soon for upcoming drives/collections!